Lighting Secrets
WEBINAR: 24 July 2020 from 8pm to 11pm (3 hours)
What you will learn:

- Create cool effects in your portraits by adding color to the background with gels.
- Learn to shoot in harsh lighting situations on location.
- Balance color and light using speedlights, Kelvin adjustments, and a light meter.
- Learn how to work with the different settings on your camera in a variety of situations.
- Techniques of lighting in different conditions.

Offer price: $9.99

From our review (★★★★★)

Ron was very professional and the entire experience felt very personalized. Instead of him just sharing his knowledge, it was more customized. He actually went to see my Instagram account and made recommendations and suggestions based off that. On top of that, he was willing to share valuable resources that value-added me. Super appreciative of his time and knowledge.
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